Friday, April 11, 2014

2 free upcoming DPS Webinars

I’ll be doing two webinars for Adobe in the next few weeks.

1. Four Ways to Add Animation to Adobe DPS Apps on April 22

There are four ways to make things move on the screen in Adobe DPS apps: video clips, image sequences, animated slide shows, and HTML content from programs such as Adobe Edge Animate.

In this Webinar, you will see:

  • The pros and cons of each approach
  • When to use each method
  • How to optimize animation for the best performance
  • Examples of each method in use in the real world

… and more!

2. Working with Video Content in Adobe DPS Apps on May 20

Video content is one of the most desired features in many apps. Video content can be imported into Adobe InDesign CC, and then included in an Adobe DPS app. But there are many tips and techniques that can make this easier for you.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to prepare video for use in Adobe DPS
  • When to embed video vs. stream video from a website
  • How to use video for introduction screens
  • When to set video to play full screen vs. playing "in place" in your layout

… and more!

These webinars are free! See more details and register here.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Once on Newsstand, always on Newsstand

If you are considering whether or not your app should go in the Newsstand category in the Apple App Store, take this into account: Once you’ve published an app in the Newsstand category, there is no going back. Apple documents this here. Specifically, they say "If a Newsstand-enabled app version has the the Ready for Sale status, you cannot disable Newsstand for any current or future versions of that app."

I have a customer that has an app on Newsstand, and now, for business- and marketing-related reasons, they want to remove it from Newsstand. When we discovered that this couldn’t be done in iTunesConnect, I called Apple to see if there was some way that they could override or make this change on their end. The answer was a clear “no”. So it looks like if you have an app on Newsstand, the only way to get the app out of Newsstand is to remove the app from the App Store, and publish an entirely new App. This is a poor solution, since there is no way to “update” users from one app to another.


Newsstand icon

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DPS to drop support of InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 in fall of 2014

Currently, InDesign CS5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC are equal citizens for production of Folio content for Adobe Digital Publishing Suite projects. In other words, there isn’t anything in the Folio Builder panel or the Folio Overlays panel that is different between these versions.

However, according to the “What’s new in this release” notes for DPS v30:

"Advance notice: DPS to drop support of InDesign CS5.5 and CS5 in v32: With the v32 release (tentatively scheduled for September 2014), InDesign CS5.5 and InDesign CS5 will still be able to create source documents for DPS, but uploading articles to the Folio Producer Service will require InDesign CS6 or later."

So, if you’re still on InDesign CS5 or CS5.5 and you work with Adobe DPS, you’re probably going to have to upgrade come fall. It is unclear from this notice if users of CS5/CS5.5 will still be able to create interactive overlays for DPS. The notice states that they “will still be able to create source documents for DPS”, because these are just InDesign files, of course. But I suspect that the Folio Overlays panel will get revised, and no longer function with CS5/CS5.5.

Friday, March 14, 2014

New "must-have" plug-in for DPS

I just gave the new Object States Assistant plug-in from Automatication a whirl. All I can say is, if you do Adobe Digital Publishing Suite work, you must have this plug-in. Period.

The cornerstone of creating interactive content for DPS is multi-state objects (mso’s) and buttons. Complex interactive content can result in mso's with lots of states, and lots of buttons. The Objects States Assistant plug-in adds a bunch of missing commands for working with mso’s that should be included with InDesign, but are not. For example, you can:

- Add selected objects to all states in a single operation, and the objects stay in place and don’t lose their button actions

- Add objects to multiple states in a single operation, and the objects stay in place and don’t lose their button actions

- Paste objects into all states in a single operation, and the objects don’t lose their button actions

- Delete multiple states in a single operation

- Release multiple states in a single operation

- “Step and repeat” a single button and have each new button point to a different state in the mso

- Quickly display the next/previous state with a single button click

These commands are available through the OSA panel, which can be found in Window > Interactive > Object States Assistant, and also in the States panel menu. In the image below, I’ve docked the OSA panel with the State panel.


Of course, you can add keyboard shortcuts with InDesign’s Keyboard Shortcut Editor to any of these new commands, making it even more useful.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

2 Adobe DPS Webinar recordings to watch

I recently did 2 live Webinars for Adobe about the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite workflow. Below are links to recordings of the webinars if you’d like to watch them at your leisure. 

The first Webinar, presented on 1/16/2014, is titled “How to Create Content for Adobe DPS Apps”. You can watch the recording here.

The second Webinar, presented on 2/4/2014 is titled “How to Build Your First App and Submit it to the Apple App Store”. You can watch the recording here.