Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Take your text to the cleaners

Text Cleaner is an indispensable (Macintosh only) application that allows you to easily perform multiple find/change routines in text with one command. For example, you could change all multiple spaces to a single space, change all double dashes to em dashes, change three periods to ellipses and remove all extra returns in your text with one command.

Text Cleaner is a stand-alone application, but when you run it, you can tell it to "clean" the text that you have selected in InDesign or Quark. Or, to use it with other programs, you can copy text to the clipboard, "clean" it, and then paste the text back in place.

I highly recommend this handy program. The developers have told me that Text Cleaner will soon be available for InDesign CS3, as well as InCopy.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great program. Don't suppose you've run across a Windows program that's similar?

Keith Gilbert said...

Sorry, no I haven't run across a similar product for Windows. I'll certainly post here if I ever find something like this.