Friday, August 31, 2007

Handy CMYK reference chart

It can be maddening trying to get an exact color match on your color desktop or office printer. One easy way to achieve this is to choose a color from a CMYK swatch book that you have printed on that device. Visit Kodak's RealTimeProof Web site to download either a letter- or A4-size CMYK swatch book. Print this PDF on your color printer, and then keep it handy when you need to specify a color for output on that device. Simply enter the CMYK values from your chosen color on the chart into InDesign, Quark, Illustrator or Photoshop.

While this will allow you to get predictable color from your laser or inkjet printer or copier, this will not necessarily be the same color you will get on another device, or on a printing press. To specify CMYK colors accurately for offset printing, use either the TruMatch Colorfinder Fanguide or the Process Color Manual.


Anonymous said...

i have an extensive cmyk chart(s)
70 pages 400 swatches per page6 pages cm,cy,ck,my,mk,yk and 22 pages just cmy....then the 22 pages with 10%k added and another 22 pages with 20%k added
printing this chart and putting the pages in a binder will cut time considerably when color matching!

Anonymous said...

I used to do this sort of charts (squares adding 1 ink horizontal and another ink vertical) with CS3
Now, when I tried this on CS5, if I select many objects and they have a different percentage of 1 ink, if I try to change the value of another ink to all of them at once, they also change the value of the ink that was different to the highest value (of that ink) in the group.
Does anyone know a work-around this?

Thank you.