Monday, June 02, 2008

Acrobat 9 announced

Adobe has just announced Adobe Acrobat 9. It new comes in three versions, Acrobat 9 Standard (Windows only), Acrobat 9 Pro (Mac and Windows), and Acrobat 9 Pro Extended (Windows only). From what I've seen, this appears to be a feature-rich, important update. Among other features, this version of Acrobat includes built-in support for Adobe Flash files within a PDF. I'll blog further about the new capabilities of Acrobat 9 in the near future.

If you own Creative Suite 3, and you want to upgrade to Acrobat 9 now instead of waiting for the next major release of the Creative Suite, you can upgrade to Creative Suite 3.3, which includes Acrobat 9.

According to Adobe, Acrobat 9 will ship in July.


Anonymous said...

Feature-rich includes having no keyboard shortcut for showing the full page (previously CTRL-0, as in all Adobe apps). There doesn't seem to be a way to define custom shortcuts.

Have you found this?

Keith Gilbert said...

Command-zero (Mac) and Ctrl-zero (Windows) still size the page display to "Fit Page" as they have in previous versions and most Adobe applications. If you have View > Page Display set to Single Page Continuous instead of Single Page, it may not vertically center the page on the screen, however.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what version you're using. In my version 9.0.0 there is no shortcut for "Fit Page" anymore.

I often hit Ctrl-zero because I'm used to it but Acrobat doesn't show the expected behavior. Instead it seems to do what Ctrl-plus should do. Ctrl-plus and Ctrl-minus of course don't work anymore either.

This is especially annoying as it renders one of the biggest benefits of PDF presentations (being able to zoom in and out) virtually useless.

Anonymous said...

Just got the Acrobat 9 yesterday and am really anoyed that the Ctrl-zero isn't there anymore!