Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to select overset text in table cells

When table text  in InDesign (and InCopy)  is too large or too long to fit in a table cell, InDesign displays a red oval to indicate the text is overset. But what if you want to select this text? Here's how:

1. With the Type tool, click inside the cell that has the overset text. You won't see the flashing text cursor to indicate that you've successfully clicked inside the cell, but that's OK. Trust me.


2. Press the esc key to select the entire table cell. The cell should become highlighted.

3. Press the esc key again to toggle the selection to select all the text in the cell. You will not see this selection, because the text is overset. But again, trust me. All the text in the cell is now selected. So you can delete, cut or copy the text, or make it smaller, or do anything you want to it.

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