Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dual monitors increase productivity

My friend Dirk sent me this link to a New York Times article about the efficiency benefits of having two monitors attached to your computer. If you're looking for data to justify the expense of a two monitor configuration, read this article.

I've been touting the benefits of using two monitors for a long time. I use a dual-monitor setup in my office, and believe that once you've tried it, there's no going back to a single monitor.

20-24 inch wide screen flat panel displays from vendors such as Dell have fallen in price to the point that for many people it's no longer the display expense that is the issue. It's more an issue of clearing up desk space and making sure that the monitors match up with the output capabilities of the computer.


Anonymous said...

I started out with dual monitors about a decade ago and now i have moved up to six monitors. They definitely increase productivity. It's almost time to get 8 or 10 monitors soon! Great Post!

Nathan said...

I have dual monitors at work but only a single one at home. It really does highlight the benefits of a dual set-up when you find yourself trying to be as productive on a single monitor!

For some, a dual screen set up is essential, say a graphic designer, even a journalist. (It can't be very productive, trying to write a story and having to flick between Word and your research on the internet) Others, it's just a luxury but whatever the reason, you've got to get the right multi screen support system. A dual set up always looks amazing and the ergonomics often get swallowed up in the aesthetics. It's best if you can balance the two.

Kevin Kane said...

Keith, you're right: Give someone a second monitor and then try to take it away -- the user will bite your hand off!

Have you seen the multi-monitors used by Bill Gates and Al Gore? See here.

switching to dual monitors said...

Thanks for this post! I definitely have noticed a big difference ever since I added an extra monitor.