Friday, June 05, 2009

Help influence the next version of Photoshop

John Nack, Principal Product Manager for Photoshop at Adobe Systems, has created a survey asking for feedback on 30 small improvements that the Photoshop team is considering for a future version of Photoshop.

Read John's blog post about the Photoshop development process, and then take the survey. (I'm stumping for the "Layers: Make it possible to drag & drop a file onto an open PSD to create a layer" feature. I hope this one makes the cut!

You can see the results of the survey so far here. As always, you can always file feature requests online anytime for any Adobe product. The Adobe product teams do read, compile and consider these requests.

John's blog is required reading for anyone who uses Adobe products for a living, in my opinion.

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John said...

Thanks for passing along the news, Keith.