Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Disk icons in the Paragraph Styles panel

Have you ever noticed the little disk icons that sometimes appear to the right of your Paragraph or Character Styles in InDesign/InCopy? Have you wondered what these mean?

These icons, when displayed next to a Character or Paragraph style, indicate that the style wasn't created in InDesign, but came into the Styles panel with placed text, most likely from Microsoft Word.

The disk icon also indicates that the Character or Paragraph style hasn't been modified in InDesign. If you double-click on the style name and edit the style, the disk icon disappears.

I imagine that the disk symbol isn't recognizable to many people anymore. When was the last time you touched a 3.5-inch floppy disk? Adobe is going to need to find a new symbol for this pretty soon!

Off-topic, but I just have to share this photo of another cutting-edge use of floppy disks, in this case the totally old-school 5.25-inch variety:

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Unknown said...

Thanks, I was wondering what that meant. I agree, teens and younger don't know what a disk is. They just think it is a weird graphic that means save.