Monday, February 08, 2010

Missing Pages Panel icons in InDesign

Clients from two separate companies in the last month have asked me the same thing: they've "lost" the icons that normally appear at the bottom of the Pages panel in InDesign, as pictured below.

In both cases, the solution was simple, just delete InDesign's preferences files, and the problem goes away! See this post for instructions on how to easily delete InDesign's preferences files.


Esper Leon said...

Hi, Mr. Gilbert! This is Esper Leon, from Brazil. I also had the same problem here, but I found a less traumatic solution than delete the InDesign preferences files (and lose all the customization of panels, fonts, language, etc..): I just reseted the panels (Windows> Workspace> Reset Panels) and then activated again my custom workspace (Windows> Workspace> My custom workspace). Simple like that! [Please forgive my bad Inlgês!]

Matt Leotta said...

I have been having this issue with CS4 for a very long time. Uninstalled, reinstalled, even had a new hard drive built with a fresh install. Resetting the preferences only works for a short time. This appears to be bug in InDesign that apparently has been around since CS2. I am the only one in the office that has this issue so this is very strange. Resetting up all my preferences and workspaces every week has grown annoying and aggravating. I have even tried copying the "clean" preferences directory to my desktop. Then replacing it when the issue arises. This only work for a short time however. Very frustrating. Why doesn't Adobe fix this?

Anonymous said...

Installing Indesign CS4 update 6.0.3 solved it.