Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tile printing in Illustrator CS4/CS5

In a recent Illustrator training session we had created artwork with three large (24” x 36”) artboards. Someone in the class asked how to tile print the artwork onto 11” x 17” paper. “No problem” I said, just select the Tile option in Illustrator’s Print dialog.

But when we looked, that option was grayed out.

This stumped me for a moment. But then we figured out that to tile print files that have multiple artboards, you need to select the Ignore Artboards option in the Print dialog box, then the Tile option becomes available.

If your file consists of just a single large artboard, you don’t need to select the Ignore Artboards option.


eunice said...

I used the tile setting to print 36" by 96" on tabloid size paper(border) and i got pretty wide linds of white grids.

when I tried the borderless tabloid, I was missing small fractions of images.

How do I tile seemless using this new feature?

Keith Gilbert said...

@eunice: Adjust the "overlap" setting in the Print dialog box to make this work.

Margot said...

I've been playing with the "overlap" setting and still have gaps, about 1/16 inch along each border. The problem didn't exist in Illustrator CS3, but exists in every document I tile print in CS4. Any ideas?

Margot said...

I'd like to add to my previous post. When I turn on the view tiling option, I can see a margin around each tiled page (correct page sizes are shown and match the printer's). This margin is exactly what is not being printed. How do I change the tile margin setting? The problem is worse when I increase the overlap setting. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

"This margin is exactly what is not being printed."

Change "full pages" drop-down to "imageable areas"?

[ ton ] said...

i have same problem with Margot
and already Change "full pages" drop-down to "imageable areas"

but printed have a margin (like cs4 print Page Tilling on every tile) and every margin still have gaps :(

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I have an issue that is not quite what the issues other have had. I cannot get my print tiling tool large enough to select my document. As a result some of my document is clipped.

Anonymous said...

This tip was rally helpful. I was in a bind had to deliver printouts asap and couldn't figure out why the tiling was grayed out. Got on google looking for answer and bingo! found your blog. Thanks man, you are the savior.

anthony said...