Friday, August 06, 2010

Interaction design seminar in Tampa

If you're anywhere near the greater Tampa, Florida area, don't miss this: On Saturday August 21, 2010 I'll be presenting an "Interactive Design for Print Designers" seminar at the International Academy of Design & Technology, sponsored by AAF Tampa Bay and the Tampa InDesign User Group.

This seminar is for experienced print designers who want to learn more about Interaction design.

Seminar description:

The interactive design marketplace offers new opportunities for designers. Designing for interactivity on screens is different from designing for print. And just as the print world has unique terminology, concepts, and production problems, so does the world of interaction design. This seminar is specifically for print designers, to help you become literate in interaction design, get excited about the opportunities it presents, and learn what you need to add to your skill set to tackle interactive design projects. You will learn:

* What you can expect to do yourself, and when (and how) to work with a developer or programmer

* Which tool(s) to use for the job: InDesign CS5, Flash Professional or Flash Catalyst

* When to use animation and motion in a project

* How to work with onscreen color, scale, and typography

* About object properties, components, timelines, events, states, and other interactive terminology and concepts

* The current options for outputting to tablets, desktop Web browsers, smartphones, and other devices

. . . and much more!

Registration information can be found here.


Anonymous said...

It was a great workshop. Thanks for coming to Tampa, Keith. - Lynda F.

John said...

A very productive day - especially liked the emphasis on critical thinking for problem solving. Good job all around; Gilbert Consulting, Ad Fed Tampa, InDesign User Group Tampa.