Friday, February 03, 2012

Beware of this Apple Security Update

[The following is a "guest post" by my friend Ed Klemz from Central Coast Solutions.]

On 2/1/2012 Apple resleased Security Update 2012-001 for OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) - DO NOT install it if you use any older software (pre-CS5, Quark 8, Suitcase 3, etc.) as it will disable the 'Rosetta' code that allows older PowerPC applications to run. If everything you run is new then it's not an issue - but I know the bulk of you out there still access older Quark and InDesign workflows when needed, and many older support apps and utilities are rendered unusable as well.

If by chance you did apply this update and it is causing issues, your machine will need its OS reinstalled and updated to appropriate levels.

If you get a Software Update notice, click the 'Details' button and you'll see the list as shown below, simply uncheck the Security Update 2012-001 and allow the others to update. Be careful with all future updates as it will re-check itself next time Software Update runs.


If you ever have an update notification pop up, feel free to let us know before you apply it and we'll let you know if it's OK to do.




Unknown said...

Hi Keith, are you sure that Pre-CS5 doesn't work without Rosetta? I have CS3 and CS4 in Lion and they are working...

Ed Klemz said...

While CS3 and CS4 may launch, there are issues with the newer implementation of Java, printing and font management that make them less than stable. Even the code in some of the plug-ins can fail!

Lion is not an 'upgrade' for those who use their computers for business purposes, and with the removal of Rosetta cuts a lot of ties to the past. Every time Apple releases an update, there is a distinct possibility that older software that worked yesterday will not work afterwards.