Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to break links between InCopy and InDesign

Lance wrote and asked:

"How do I break existing links between InCopy and InDesign? I have picked up a file from a previous design group that requires me to check in and check out every time I open and try to edit the content."

If you are sure that you want to sever the link between InCopy and InDesign, and do all further editing of all stories in InDesign, you can just go to the Links panel, and select any .icml, .icma, or .incx files you find there (the file types vary depending on your version of InDesign/InCopy). Then just choose Unlink from the Links panel menu.



Anonymous said...

Just getting back to using InCopy 5.5. Last used 3. Along with unlinking, when I am packaging at end of project, I am also deleting the assignment from the assignments palette. Is this good practice since the document will still look for that when opening even with links broken?

JWhite said...

Is it possible to unlink all assignments in a book? I have 11 chapters, and 8 appendices, all have linked assignments (unassigned). When I'm doing cross references, and the TOC, its a pain to have to checkout all those documents. Is there a way to quickly, unlink all assignments across an entire book?