Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Scripts to automate Adobe DPS

In my work with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), I've found that there are certain tasks when creating interactive content that are either highly-repetitive, or difficult and tedious to do. I decided to try to do something about this.

The first outcome of this is a set of 6 scripts that I call "Digital publishing pack 1: scripts for Adobe DPS". In a nutshell, the scripts makes creating a button-driven "reveal and hide" object completely automatic. It also makes it possible to add objects to all states of a multi-state object in a single step, and provides an easy way to move from one state to another within a multi-state object.

My on-line store contains more specifics about the scripts, as well as a brief demonstration video. The package of 6 scripts costs $19.95/workstation.

I'd love to hear what you think of these scripts. If you have ideas for other DPS-related tasks that should be automated, I'd love to hear those ideas as well. Thanks!

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