Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to make "Paste Into State" easier

If you do a lot of work with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, you will inevitably create a lot of "multi-state objects". And, you will find yourself frequently using the "Paste Into State" command found in the Object States panel menu. After choosing this command 50 or 60 times, you'll find yourself thinking "there's got to be a better way!" Here are 3 ways to make this much easier:

1. Use the Paste Into State button at the bottom of the Object States panel.


2. Assign a keyboard shortcut to the Paste Into State command.

a. Choose Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts

b. Select Panel Menus for the Product Area

c. Select Object States: Paste Into State from the list of commands

d. Click in the New Shortcut field, and press your desired shortcut (I use option-v)

e. Click the Assign button

f. Click the OK button


3. Try the Digital Publishing Pack 1 set of handy scripts. One of these scripts automates the process of pasting selected objects into multiple states at once!

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