Friday, July 25, 2014

Resources for publishing a DPS app to Google Play

I’m presenting a webinar for Adobe on July 29, 2014 called "How to Build an Android App and Submit it to Google Play”. You can register for this free 1-hour webinar here

While preparing for this session, I gathered up a list of resources that are helpful for the Android app build / Google Play app submission process:

Adobe Help: DPS supported feature list chart that compares the features supported by iOS, Android, Windows, and the Web Viewer 

Adobe Help: Building native DPS apps for Android devices

Adobe Help: DPS publishing process for Android devices

Web-based DPS App Builder

Google Play Developer Help Center

Alternatives for distributing Android apps

Android and Google Play Brand Guidelines

Google Play Badge AI files

Google Play Website Badge Generator

Android Device Art Generator for creating simulations of app screens on various Android devices

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