Sunday, October 12, 2014

How to enable background photo uploading with Dropbox on iOS

The latest version of the Dropbox app for iOS devices (as of this post, version 3.4.2) has a cool feature for uploading photos on your phone to your Dropbox account without having to launch the Dropbox app. But this feature isn’t enabled by default, and it isn’t obvious how it works. In this post, I’ll show you how to enable this feature.

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Now, here’s how to enable background uploading of photos:

1.  Run the Dropbox app on your iPhone or iPad, and tap the “Settings” gear in the lower-right corner

2014 10 12 21 21 29


2. Tap the “Camera Upload” option


2014 10 12 21 10 45


3. Turn on the “Camera Upload” and “Background Uploading” options.


2014 10 12 21 10 55


4. Launch the “Settings” app.

5. You will see some of your apps listed at the bottom of the list of settings. Tap the “Dropbox” app in this list.

6. Enable “Background App Refresh”, and then tap the “Privacy” option.

2014 10 12 21 11 55


7. Turn on “Photos” so that Dropbox can access your Photos, then tap “Location Services”. 


2014 10 12 21 38 19

8. Choose “Always”.

2014 10 12 21 38 14

Because of Apple limitations, the Dropbox app is only allowed to upload for a short time after you quit the Dropbox app. The way that Dropbox gets around this is to use Location Services. whenever your location changes a significant enough amount, Dropbox will sense the location change, and an upload will occur. Try it! It works well for me.


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