Friday, April 08, 2016

List of apps created with AEM Mobile

I’m frequently asked by clients to provide a list of public apps that have been created with Adobe’s AEM Mobile platform. I thought I’d publish the list here, and try to keep it current as I become aware of new apps. If you are aware of an AEM Mobile app that should be added to this list, please post a comment below.

I’m limiting this list to apps available in the US Stores. There are many privately-distributed corporate apps that have been created with AEM Mobile, but since those aren’t available to the general public, I’ve not listed them here.

Academy of Art University Schools [iOS]

Adobe Create [iOS] [Android] [Windows]

Adobe Youth Voices [iOS] [Android]

AECOM See Further [iOS] [Android]

Camping & Caravanning Magazine [iOS]

Canberra Visitor Guide [iOS] [Android]

CDW Digital [iOS] [Android] [Windows]

Citygram Austin [iOS] [Android] [Windows]

Colmar Mag [iOS] [Android]

Experience Life Magazine [iOS] [Android]

Gather Journal [iOS] [Android] [Windows]

Go Places with Toyota [iOS] [Android]

Gourmet Traveller Wine [iOS] [Android]

Happy Wedding Magazine [iOS] [Android]

Health Agenda by HCF [iOS] [Android]

Holland America Line Cruises [iOS] [Android] [Windows]

IN catalogue [iOS

Inc. [iOS

Inside Energy [iOS] [Android]

Live Happy Magazine [iOS]

National Theatre Backstage [iOS]

Oracle Magazine Mobile [iOS] [Android] [Web]

Qantas Magazine [iOS] [Android]

Rochester Institute of Technology Media Sciences [iOS] [Android]

SapientNitro Insights [iOS] [Android]

SiNTLUCAS [iOS] [Android

South Bay Pulse [iOS] [Android]

Swiss Universe [iOS]

Test Aankoop Digitaal [iOS] [Android]

The Times of London Weekly [iOS]

The Window from Barneys New York [iOS]

Thunder Plus [iOS] [Android]

Thomson Reuters Our Story [iOS] [Android]

Top Gear Magazine [iOS]

UNC Leadership [iOS] [Android

Virgin Australia Voyeur Magazine [iOS]

Voice of Wealth [iOS] [Android

Wavetronix [iOS] [Android] [Windows]

(Updated 2016-09-22)


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