Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ejecting a stuck CD

While I was traveling last week, a CD became stuck in the drive on my MacBook Pro laptop. No matter what I tried, the CD would not eject. Every time that I opened the laptop for a training session, the CD would spin and start draining the battery.

Today, back in my office, it occurred to me to do a quick Google search on "stuck cd"+macbook. I quickly found a Web site where someone suggested picking the laptop up, turning it so that the CD-ROM slot faced downward, and shaking the laptop after hitting the eject key. Could it be so simple? Sure enough, on my first try the CD popped out and hit the floor.

Thank goodness for Google and low-tech solutions! I should think that this would be worth a try on any slot-loading Macintosh or Windows laptop in a similar situation.


Anonymous said...

It worked like a charm! Great tip - I tried the other stuff, but all it needed was a good shake upside down.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, this really helped me out! The little shake did the trick ;)

Anonymous said...

You can also open itunes and hit the eject button.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great tip, had a CD stuck in my MacBook for two days , turned the mac over hit it two times and out it came.