Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Deleting files in Bridge

Amy wrote:

I'm working in Bridge and a couple of things perplex me. When you hit delete, where does the deleted file go? I don't find it in the trash. Is it completely deleted as soon as you hit the button? And, I'm now using Bridge instead of iPhoto. And I'm importing my images from my Canon camera directly into Bridge. Unlike iPhoto, I don't see a "delete images from camera" option. Does Bridge let you do that?

Bridge follows the same rules for deleting files as the Macintosh and Windows operating systems: files on your local hard drive are moved to the trash, files that reside on a server are deleted immediately. The one exception is Bridge CS3's "reject" label feature. If you choose InDesign > Preferences, choose General, and then click on the Reset all warning dialogs button, you will get receive additional dialog-box-based feedback and options the next time you press the delete key.

As Amy mentions, Bridge CS3 has a new feature (File > Get Photos from Camera) for transferring images from a digital camera or card reader, much like iPhoto. Unfortunately, Bridge cannot delete the images from the camera after they are transferred, so the images will have to be deleted manually using the controls on the camera.


Anonymous said...


I just installed Bridge CS5 and in Photoshop when I hit the DELETE key (on the keyboard) BRIDGE puts a name "reject" in red on the photo I want to delete. It TAGS my photo instead of deleting it!! (Outside BRIDGE it works fine deleting photos with the delete key.)

Where in Bridge can I get rid of this crazy idea?

Thanks, please mail me anyone: helen.

Helen Q/Sweden

Anonymous said...

This is a non-intuitive feature and needs to die in a fire.