Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Presentations

Adobe has just released a preview of a new web service called Presentations. This is a tool that lets you create and edit Powerpoint-style presentations with just an Adobe ID (free), a web browser and the Adobe Flash Player. Presentations is all about creating presentations collaboratively. The nature of presentations is that often they are often authored and reviewed by a group. Presentations makes it easy to give others access to a presentation as either a viewer or co-author.

Currently in a "preview release," the program is already pretty full-featured. It does much of what PowerPoint does, and does some things better. When a presentation is complete, it can be web-shared with others, or saved as an Acrobat PDF file and used for off-line presentations.

Noticeably missing, as of this writing, are support for transitions and animation. You are also limited to using the fonts provided in the application, there is no access to fonts on your system. You can't import or export to/from PowerPoint format.

For more, see Ali Hangaloglu's blog and Rufus Deuchler's blog,or the blog.

(If you haven't yet tried, you need to check it out. It's a free service that gives you 5 gb of free storage space, makes it easy to share your stored files with others, allows you to share your screen with others and hold web meetings, and lets you collaborate on documents with the Buzzword word processor.)

See also Sliderocket, Preezo and Google Docs Presentations.

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