Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A couple of neat color tools

Here are a couple of interesting tools for color inspiration:

Think Ink is an iPhone app from Neenah Paper that will generate an RGB or CMYK color palette from an iPhone photo. You just shoot a photo or choose one from your photo library, choose a base color in the image, and the application does the rest. You can generate color palettes from photos, a base color you create, from Neenah paper colors, or using Dewey Attributes.

You no doubt are familiar with Kuler, Adobe's color inspiration Web application. (I've written previously about Kuler here). Here's an interesting twist: Daily Duluth is a blog run by a woman who lives and works in the city of Duluth, MN on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior. Each day, she takes a photograph of the ever-changing lake, builds a color palette, and uploads the palette to Kuler. You can view (and download) each of the palettes she's created here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my blog, Daily Duluth! It's nice to know people are noticing it. I would like to make one correction, though. I'm not a guy :)

Keith Gilbert said...

@Meg, sorry about that! I don't know where I got the mistaken idea about the gender of the "person behind the blog". I've updated the blog entry to correct this.