Monday, March 29, 2010

Workspaces added to is Adobe's solution for "cloud-based" file sharing and collaboration. Today Adobe added the ability to create online "workspaces" where you can share files with designated groups of people. Specifically, the free version of gives you the following capabilities:
  • Create and maintain one workspace at a time, and share that workspace with as many people as you like

  • Store up to 2 gigabytes of files, and keep them private, or share individual files with a workspace, with individuals or the general public. A single file can't exceed 100 megabytes.

  • Convert up to 5 files to PDF format

  • Host online meetings and screen-share with up to 2 other participants besides yourself

  • Use the online applications Buzzword (word processing), Presentations, and Tables (spreadsheet)
A monthly fee based "Basic" or "Plus" subscription increases these limits.

I frequently use for file sharing. The AIR application makes it easy to drag and drop files from your computer to

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