Monday, July 19, 2010

Multiple monitor productivity

Eighteen months ago I wrote about the efficiency benefits of using multiple monitors. That blog post caught the eye of the folks at Sewell Direct. They are looking for folks to participate in a short survey about the benefits of multiple monitors:

"Basically we’re investigating whether there is a correlation between the number and size of one’s monitors and how much they make. While there has been a lot of talk about how they increase your productivity, we’re aiming to find out if full-time workers using larger/more displays are actually paid more."

You can participate in the very short, anonymous 5-question survey here.


Unknown said...

Just before I went out and bought a 27" iMac, an IT friend of mine suggested buying a second monitor instead. One of the best decisions I ever made. Especially for inputting corrections, I place my PDF on one screen, and InDesign doc on the other. Thinking about getting a third for email.

Anonymous said...

We use dual monitors for our yearbook. We open the page we're working-on on one monitor and the photos on the other. Makes dragging and dropping quick and easy.

Kevin Kane said...

Hi Keith,
Were the results of this survey published?

Bill Gates and Al Gore use 3 screen setups and they earn a pretty good income.

Keith Gilbert said...

@Kevin, I've never seen the results of the survey, unfortunately.