Thursday, January 05, 2012

How to reset a DPS iPad app as "unread"

Many of the iPad apps created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite use a horizontal-vertical navigation scheme. You swipe horizontally to move from section to section of the app, and then swipe vertically to read more in a particular section.

This is pretty intuitive, but it can be clunky once you've read to the bottom of a section, and then swipe to the right to read the next section. When you swipe back to the left at some point in the future, you are returned to the bottom screen of the section (where you last left off reading), instead of the top screen of the section (which is probably what you expected).

There is a simple (but not-at-all-obvious) way to "reset" any app that was created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite so that you are returned to viewing the top screen of every section. Here's how:

Tap somewhere on the screen to reveal the DPS "Chrome" (the interface elements provided by Adobe Digital Publishing Suite). Locate the name of the app in the title bar at the top of the screen.


Tapping once on the name of the app will bring you to the first screen of the app. But tapping three times rapidly on the name of the app will reset the view to the top screen of every section. You must get the timing of the "triple tap" correct for it to work. This is a handy tip for reading DPS-created apps. I wish there were a more obvious way to do this!


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Barbara said...

I whish too there was an other way to do this. There's nothing new since January, right?

Because the "Tapping" works sometimes, but somehow not allways... and sometimes my folio-name disapears and some number is there instead.

Someone nows something?