Thursday, January 09, 2014

Illustrator guide tricks

Illustrator CC has a couple of new features for creating ruler guides:

1. Double-click on a horizontal or vertical ruler to create a guide at that location. Add the shift key when you double-click to snap the guide to the closest tick mark on the ruler.

2. To create both a horizontal and a vertical guide at the same time, drag from the intersection of the horizontal and vertical rulers while holding down the command key (Mac) or ctrl key (Windows).

Bonus tip: (This isn’t new in CC, and I don’t recall how many versions back this one works.) Normally, ruler guides span the entire canvas, which can be a messy problem if you are using multiple artboards. To create a guide that is limited to the current artboard, choose the Artboard tool (shift-o) and drag the guide out of the rulers with that tool.

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