Thursday, December 04, 2008

Convert QuarkXPress 8 files to InDesign CS3 or CS4

The excellent Q2ID plug-in has been updated to support QuarkXPress version 8 files and InDesign CS4. The Macintosh version is available now, and Markzware says that the Windows version will be available soon. I'm happy to see an upgrade available so soon after CS4 began shipping.

This excellent plug-in for InDesign will convert QuarkXPress version 5, 6, 7 or 8 files to InDesign CS3 or CS4 files. Q2ID costs $199 USD. Upgrades from version 2 or 3 are $99 USD according to the Markzware Web site.

Once installed, this plug-in is invisible. To use it, you just choose File > Open from within InDesign, select a QuarkXPress file, and it's converted on the fly and opens as an untitled document in InDesign. More information about this plug-in is available in these previous blog posts.


greg said...

$100 upgrade? ouch. thank god i don't convert many quark files any more. don't think i'll be upgrading.

Dave said...

Bought and installed today. My first three Quark 8 files converted nicely to CS3. Only small issues with font styling - took less than 10 min. to fix and saved 3 non-billable hours. Hey it just paid for itself!

Greg said...


Can you answer a question for me? I thought when I first used this program, it used a sub-menu in Adobe InDesign called Q2ID. Is this something I'm imagining or did Markzware change this in their latest release?


Keith Gilbert said...

@Greg: As long as I remember, and the way it is with the latest release of Q2ID, is that once installed, you don't even really see the product. All you do is choose File > Open and then locate a Quark file. Then the Q2ID plugin takes over and converts the file on the fly, opening it as un "untitled" ID document.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the huge time saving tip! I just saved about 5 non-billable hours!