Monday, December 01, 2008

Editing rounded corner rectangles

With InDesign you can easily create rounded-corner rectangles by drawing a rectangular frame, and then choosing Object > Corner Options. But if you later attempt to edit the roundness of a single corner with the Pen tool, you'll encounter some strange behavior. Specifically, if you edit one corner, the other three corners will also change to match the appearance of the edited corner. To avoid this, simply choose Object > Paths > Close Path before you edit the rectangle.


Anonymous said...

There's also a sample script in the Scripts panel that allows you to specify the roundness of each corner individually instead of having to use the Pen tool to modify a corner manually.

Michael Ninness
InDesign Senior Product Manager

Keith Gilbert said...

Thanks Michael. For more info about the script Michael is referring to, see the blog entry for November 5, 2007 here: