Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Digital Publishing Pack scripts updated

On my web site I sell a package of scripts that I call "Digital publishing pack 1: scripts for Adobe DPS". These scripts take much of the pain out of using the Object States panel, and automates the creation of button-driven "reveal and hide" multi-state objects.

I just added a new script to the pack: this script allows you to add the selected object(s) to a selected multi-state object as a new state, with a single click. Without the script, you must copy your objects to the clipboard, select the multi-state object, select one of the states, duplicate the state, paste the objects into the state, and then delete the original objects from the state. Painful…but the script makes this painless.

If you frequently create multi-state objects for Digital Publishing Suite projects, these scripts are a "must-have". The package of 7 scripts is a bargain at $19.95/workstation. No knowledge of scripts required…full installation and use instructions are included.


3 comments: said...


You are so wonderfully helpful to the design community. Thanks for these scripts and for all your helpful posts.

Spring Book Design

Scram said...

these scripts have been a total lifesaver for our impending workflow. That said I am trying to understand the placement of the buttons and wondering if its possible to hang them from the top edge and determine a distance (in pixels) away from the object/text box to be hidden/shown. I see that the geometricbounds is a parameter but it seems vague as to how one can define placement. Is there a good source for learning this or is it trial and error?

Keith Gilbert said...

@Scram: See for the Adobe Scripting Tutorial and Scripting Guide, if you want to try to learn how to modify scripts. Otherwise, feel free to contact me at "info AT gilbertconsulting dot com" for a quote on customizing the script for your needs. It would likely be fairly low-cost.